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Tony Anglin and his team of highly skilled Quartz, Marble & Granite installers, specialise in kitchen and bar worktops. With over 30 years experience of installing- you are in safe hands.

Experience and a pride in our craftsmanship is what sets us apart from the rest. No matter how much modern machinery you have that cuts the stone...or modern technology you have for pricing...no matter how lovely the stone looks... it’s the fitting that is the most important part is the installation.
If the fitting is not correct, the pricing and fabrication are immaterial- if the fittings isn’t right it's not right! The most important thing is correct info on template and a perfect fitting, and that is where our experience comes in.

We pride ourselves on our joints being as tight as possible while using the industry marble glue, we don’t do silicon joints, we only do tight joints with our machinery that we use.

Why choose us?

01. Local company
02. Over 30 years of experience
03. Guaranteed work
04. Obligation free quotations
05. Work that’s built to last
06. Efficient and friendly service


We’re always available for all new projects...

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07557 852 202
Unit 9 (Just adjacent to Crest Scaffolding) - Liverpool Road, Irlam industrial Estate, Manchester. M44 5AD

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Our work is characterised by its flawless finish. We always deliver a professional service and use the best materials to ensure a thorough and proper job.